What is Style?

What is that gets your attention right away? What is style really? Something we naturally have? Or is it something we crave?

Style when it comes to interior design, there are many different definitions. But to sums it up it means the ability to create an interior that is pleasing and in good taste in the home. It is harmonious, comfortable, well balanced, organized and practical. Most of all it should be aesthetically pleasing to the eye and memorable. Of course all styles such as Country, Art Deco, Modern, Transitional just to name a few, have formulas and parameters that dictate the direction. These styles are created in time with the influence of both the Interior Designers and Furniture Manufactures. Most styles lend themselves to a particular type of urban life, country life or a Hi-tech life etc. The only exception to the rule is the Eclectic style that combines 2 or more styles together, giving you a sense of timelessness.

So how do you find your style?

The task is as daunting as picking out furniture. It is easier if you know your own style or taste, but most people just don’t know how to identify their style. That is where an Interior Designer can help. A good way to get started is to look through design magazines or browse on the web, Houzz is always a good place to look. Do bookmark pictures that catch your eye, and after a while you will start to see a pattern a style direction. This might sound easy and it is. If you have a certain style of home like a Modern or Traditional style, you don’t necessarily have to decorate it in that same style, but that is when the eclectic style comes into play. It is important that you always be sympathetic to that style as you can’t ignore the structure of the home.

However, some styles lean to different environments. A good example is the country home. It needs to be a practical style with a rustic, casual feel. Use solid furniture, easy to care floors, warm and inviting clean fabrics with simple decorations. In this case using a Contemporary style would look out of place.

Style can also change throughout the house but don’t be too extreme. There should be some kind of common thread to keep it cohesive. Creating a style is about taste and charm. When you look for something well balanced and harmonious you create the special x factor that your home needs.

So to summarize the question, style is about creating an interior that encompasses your personality and enthusiasm in your home. It is the ability to maximize the potential of an interior space using all the skills, knowledge, and tools that are available to you.