Thought of the Month: Importance of Research in Interior Design

When it come to Interior Design, It is important to hire a Designer that knows what they are doing. For example, if the decision is made to put wall coverings in a bathroom. It is important to pick the right material wall covering. Some of the materials are paper, fabrics and vinyl. If you use a paper wall covering in a bathroom, it won’t hold up. The humidity from a shower and or bath tub, will over time deteriorate the paper and it will start to fall off the walls. You could even develop mold. Using a Vinyl would be the best choice. It is waterproof and extremely durable. Wall covering come many lovely designs to choose from in all materials.

Where to start?

It is important to Research your Design, before you get started. First of all, decide what the room is going to be used for. Lets say you want to redo your Family room. The first thing that should be done is to draw up a scaled floor plan to determine how best to place furniture in the room. This will also help in determining the sizes of furniture that would be best. One of the most important pieces of furniture in a family room is the main seating that a family will be spending the majority of their time on. If it’s a sectional, It need to be made well, with kiln dried wood. A good, practice and hearty fabric should be chosen. The higher the double rubs the more durable the fabric will be. Double rubs is method fabric manufacturers use to test the durability of a fabric. It’s a machine that rubs the fabric together over and over again to see what it can withstand, for example a fabric that has a rating of 100,000 double rubs will last much longer then a fabric with a 30,000 double rub rating.

Just because something is pretty, doesn’t mean its practical. It is important to research what material works best in your environment. Make sure you are aware of the codes and requirements that apply to your design. If codes and safety requirements are ignored, could result in Violations.

Overtime with the help of an educated Designer, you will start to understand the difference of good and poor Design.