What is a Contemporary Interior Design Style?

I get asked all the time from my clients saying they want their home to be designed with a contemporary style. But what does that exactly mean?

Is it Modern? Modernism? Minimalism? 

Contemporary Decor literally means what is in right now, what is happening now. It is the reflection of today’s fashion trends in design.

So how do you find out what is contemporary? 

Simple: Observation. I have noticed that what shown in interior design stores and the latest Design magazines are usually what is the current trend. By the time all the other stores have seen, copied, and mass-produced it, it is then contemporary to the masses. This normally leads to the trend of Designers looking for the next unique look to stay one foot ahead of of the game.

Trends also tend to come back full circle. Just like fashion, clothes we wore 15, 20 years ago, may now be in style again, usually with some kind of slight change. For example With Interior Design, in the 60’s we had the avocado green and rustic orange appliances carpets that were popular,  and now, we find those colors being used again, not for appliances and carpets but for the counters, accent lights, tiles. and area rugs. the other slight difference are the colors, The popular greens and oranges of today are more of a Bright lime green and a true orange. Nostalgia can bring back a style that we may have once considered out dated, and are now are considered retro and modern.

So what does that mean for me? 

My opinion as an interior designer is that if  you are going to determine a design style for your home, labels don’t really fit. One should decide what look makes you happy, and what is the goal you are trying to achieve? Remember, what might be attractive to you might be the opposite for others, so In the end, it is about your comfort zone, and what environment are you comfortable with. With that said, have fun choosing a style for your home!