How to have an Efficient Kitchen

Have an Efficient Kitchen, Keep it Organized, Be Happy.

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Every time I go to someone’s house and try and cook in their kitchen, I just want to go nuts!! I find myself preferring to cook in my own kitchen because I know where I have put everything and I can find them in an instant. It makes my life easier and I feel so much more organized. Everything in my kitchen has their place and their home. This is so when you need it, it will always be there and ready to go.

So how can I be more efficient with my Kitchen?

Prioritization. By sitting down and thinking about what you use all the time and putting them in a place that is readily reachable. If you make coffee frequently, keep your coffee and sugar in good-looking, well-labeled jars and keep them on the counter beside your kettle. Ensure all the cups and mugs are in a cupboard that is close. You would be surprised how much you walk around your kitchen taking things out and putting them back into their drawers and refrigerator. If you are looking to be more efficient, you want to minimize those steps.

Another great idea is to keep all your cutlery and crockery close to the dishwasher. These are the items you use for each meal so this way when you unload the dishwasher you don’t have to move far to empty it quickly. Keep your cooking utensils, aprons, oils, and seasonings close to the oven, so when you need to access them, to stir a sauce, pull out a hot tray quickly, or put salt in a pot you can do so with one step. And don’t forget to keep pots and pans in the same area.

These are just a couple ideas and if everything has a home in your kitchen you won’t be worried about finding things, or taking forever to get what you need. So spend some time reorganizing your kitchen today. It will be worth the effort, I promise.